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PRO-TEK was started in 1979 in a small office in Queens, New York.

The vision, which is still the same, was to grow a service company to provide repair and maintenance service for food service operations in the tri-state region.

The goal was to deliver quality service consistently, at the lowest possible price, and always be sensitive to the specific needs of the operator; every food service manager has different perceptions of what is most important when it comes to service.

PRO-TEK also understood early on that factory training and factory support was an integral part of being able to deliver quality service. Therefore, the development of factory relationships was developed early on.

Today PRO-TEK employs, between its three divisions, over one hundred people with over fifty service vehicles on the road each day.

PRO-TEK also has strong relationships with and is authorized by over twenty manufacturers worldwide, priding itself in being an award winner for some of the largest factories.

PRO-TEK is currently second generation managed and prides itself on taking advantage of state of the art technology, such as tablets and service software, which aids in the delivery of timely service. Paperwork and billing quickly follows after service it provided.

PRO-TEK also prides itself in the level of communication of its office staff and technicians as this is such a key component in achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction.

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