Number One

Keep kitchen clean and free from clutter /debris. Clean up spills & grease immediately. Clean floors & equipment after each use. Use wet floor signs to avoid falls. Make sure floors are slip resistant and in good shape. Use safety mats.


Number Two

Never leave food/pots unattended. Keep pot handles turned towards inside of oven to prevent them from being knocked over. Keep flammable items away from fire.


Number Three

Wear proper clothing /uniform/slip resistant shoes. Limit exposed skin to prevent against splashing. Avoid loose sleeves or jewelry that can get in the way. Keep hair pulled back.


Number Four

Knife safety: Keep knives sharp. Cut away from your body. Use a secure cutting board. Do not attempt to catch a falling knife. Clean knives with dull edge towards you. Store safely.


Number Five

Check equipment for safety. Check to make sure wires, cords, and plugs are in good working order and not frayed. Do not use extension cords. If an appliance
is broken, do not use or get it repaired first.

Kitchen staff should be regularly In-Serviced on safety. A good kitchen safety program equals safe employees, happy customers and lower insurance costs.