Pro-Tek Hobart Service

PRO-TEK realized early on that almost every kitchen has multiple pieces of HOBART equipment and the demand for the servicing of that equipment far exceeds the ability of the manufacturer to deliver the timely service needed by all its customers.

New York Kitchen Hobart Repair Services

Realizing this situation, PRO-TEK implemented the quest to search for Hobart trained technicians to join the PRO-TEK family to ensure that, under one roof, the total service program can be offered to its valued customers.

PRO-TEK also searched to build relationships with Hobart to ensure its ability to source Hobart parts; even the most difficult parts are available through the vast channels developed by PRO-TEK procurement personnel.

Even the most current state of the art Hobart equipment is able to be serviced and troubleshot by PRO-TEK technicians; we have service manuals and training programs set up which ensure our people are up to speed with new and innovative equipment on the market today.

Our customers are appreciative that we have made the effort to become qualified to service the hot side, cold side, and even the most challenging of equipment manufactured today.

The “call one number” concept, to get the service you need, is what made PRO-TEK a leader in the service industry.

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