Pay One Price

PRO-TEK, a service provider always sensitive to the needs of the food service operator, pays attention to its customers when they talk with us.

In today's challenging economic times, when budget constraints are in place and must be met, “out of the box” thinking and “out of the box” programs need to be implemented.

Pay One Price Program

PRO-TEK introduced its “PAY ONE PRICE” program to accommodate customers who love the service and maintenance programs offered and also want the comfort of knowing upfront what the annual cost of maintenance will be.

This program offers, for one fixed monthly rate, unlimited labor and parts required to keep the equipment running properly and safely during the contract period.

This program has been offered to food service operators and, those who have signed on for it, love it as there is the comfort of knowing upfront the cost of the service; no end of year concerns of being over budget exist.

Also the need to sort through lengthy proposals no longer exist as service and parts are inclusive in the monthly rate.

If you think this program may be for you, please contact us for a “no obligation” survey.

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