PRO-TEK opened its doors in 1979 with the vision to consistently deliver the best possible service for the least cost. That vision is still the core of our mission today.

Over the years, we have built a strong team, always making sure that we are sensitive to the needs of the customer. Because our market is so diverse, we have devoted our time and energies to understanding the special needs of the Chefs and Food Service Managers.

To keep up with the new technologies of the kitchen food equipment industry, we also invest in continual training for our technicians so we can be the best at troubleshooting today’s rapidly evolving equipment.

What Makes PRO-TEK Unique:

  • Service agents for many kitchen equipment manufacturers such as Alto-Shaam, Champion, and others

  • Expert trained technicians

  • Reliable high-quality kitchen equipment preventative maintenance & repair services

  • Affordable costs

  • Customized maintenance packages

  • Thousands of satisfied customers

Our Leadership

Ed Daniels

Ed Daniels


Back in the 1970’s, Ed Daniels recognized that there was a shortage of qualified service companies to handle the equipment maintenance needs of the food service industry. This inspired him to start a service company that was sensitive to the specific needs of the different segments of the food service industry. From the 1970’s to present day, we will be always sensitive to our clients’ budgets, while still delivering quality, professional work from our certified and proficient technicians.

Chad Daniels

Chad Daniels


PRO-TEK, now second generation managed, carries forward the same focus, which is to give quality service at the best possible cost. Chad spends almost every day in the office supporting the service department management team to ensure we are delivering our clients the best possible services. With over 20 years of experience under Chad’s belt, he is able field any and every challenge brought to him, quickly developing an action plan to address any equipment issue.

Diane Rossi

Diane Rossi

General Manager

With over 30 years of experience, Diane in the most professional manner, navigates the company through the daily challenges of warranty service, installations, and startups. This is a great challenge, as communication with dealers, manufacturers and end users can prove to be quite exhausting. But through her talent and perseverance, she manages it successfully, resulting in all parties being satisfied. As a result of Diane’s success, PRO-TEK has received the “BEST SERVICE COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY” award along with other distinguished awards of recognition.

Jody Cronin

Jody Cronin


Since 1987, under the guidance of Jody Cronin as our Controller, PRO-TEK has grown tremendously and is financially stronger than ever. Besides handling all finances, Jody puts systems and procedures in place that provide the structure and guidance needed for us to be successful. She was the driving force behind the new software integration for our technicians’ tablets. This new technology has expanded the level of communication and services provided to our customers. Her expertise, fine attention to detail and customer satisfaction has helped us become one of the best in our industry.

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