At PRO-Tek, we serve all major industries that have a commercial kitchen. We provide kitchen equipment services for all types of healthcare facilities, corporate business dining, educational facilities, restaurant chains, hospitality groups, sports & entertainment arenas and any other commercial kitchen space. If there is food service equipment, we can handle it.

We know that priorities are constantly changing for many food service operators, and we will customize our services in accordance to your specific needs. That’s what makes us different from the rest – we are end-user sensitive.

For more information on the industries that receive our commercial kitchen repair and maintenance services, please see below.

Business & Industry

We have over 40 years of experience providing value-added commercial kitchen equipment repair & maintenance to the corporate sector. Our experienced technicians will help keep your corporate dining program successful. Whether you have pantries, snack bars, or a full-service restaurant, we are committed to keeping your kitchen up and running.

Office Buildings


Healthcare commercial kitchens require on-time maintenance and repair of cooking appliances for providing quality food for patients and staff. We can provide kitchen maintenance services for any client in the healthcare industry – hospital kitchens, hospital staff cafeterias, visitor cafes, and nursing homes.


In the education sector – K-12, charter schools (private, public), boarding schools, college or university cafeterias, our comprehensive kitchen equipment repair and maintenance services will prevent any unexpected breakdown of appliances. Our team can train your staff on using any kitchen equipment properly and cleaning them regularly. We are also Request for Proposal (RFP) ready.

Sports Stadium

Sports & Entertainment

Kitchens & concession stands found in sports facilities, racetracks, casinos, amphitheaters, convention halls and other entertainment venues all rely on providing a positive experience for their fans and customers. These venues count on food and beverage sales as a major source of their revenue. At PRO-TEK, we know that commissary cooking and food service space is limited, therefore it is important to keep the equipment up and running. Our certified technicians will provide kitchen equipment repair and preventative maintenance services for all types of food service equipment such as ventless ovens, induction units, deck ovens, grills and fryers.

Restaurant & Specialty Dining

For specialty restaurants, chains and franchises, kitchen equipment breakdown has a direct impact on business. We provide maintenance and repair services for all types of unique kitchen equipment such as combi-ovens, rack ovens, pasta cookers, char-broilers, blast chillers and salamanders to name a few.


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We provide commercial kitchen food equipment maintenance and repairs for the Long Island, New York City, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, New Jersey and Southern Connecticut areas.