As 2021 ends, the impact of the pandemic along with natural disasters and other recent crises has resulted in a massive disruption in supply chains for many industries. The food, commercial kitchen and corresponding service industries are especially feeling the pandemic induced stresses which includes sparse shelves, equipment scarcity, surging overhead costs, massive worker shortages and more. Leaders in the food industry are still highly impacted by these disruptive events and are constantly scrambling to find low-cost sourcing and efficient, timely manufacturing and reliable workers.

Is there any silver lining of hope? How can suppliers, vendors and service companies survive and thrive amidst these numerous supply chain challenges?

Create a Viable Plan
During these trying times, the first step is to create a viable plan for building resiliency. By analyzing supplier networks, owners can find ways to anticipate demand, manage inventories that will ultimately control and trim costs.

Modernize Supply Chain Processes
By integrating the latest technological and digital advancements into your supply chain processes, you can automate your business more efficiently and increase its core value. Companies that invest in some form of automation assurance through AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics, are becoming the game changers. Modern automation can help streamline functions like packing, loading, and quality assurance. Efficient process flows can enable accurate tracking and separation of products with advanced tools, software, tracking labels, and traceability tech platforms integrated with food safety and quality compliance.

Strengthen Supplier & Other Business Relationships
Developing or strengthening current and new supplier and other business relationships will help tighten your supply chain infrastructure and processes. Business relationships are the lifeline of the food service and commercial kitchen industries. Your supplier and business relationships need to be built on foundations of trust where you can rely on receiving supplies, new equipment, and parts, great service in a timely, efficient manner. Coordination and cooperation with your suppliers and business partners are critical to avoid supply chain disruptions.

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